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It's no secret that all Reputable Businesses have a "www.their-company.com" Website address these days. These Professional Companies also use their Company Name eMail for all business correspondence to promote branding recognition for their firms. Having your company's information available to everyone in the world 24/7 is now a standard business practice, just like having personalized business cards and letterhead. Don't you always send business correspondence on your company's letterhead? Why send business eMail promoting another company? (like AOL, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc)

The All-in-One "New Business Special"

EZRep has partnered with LA Servers International, a Full Service Domain Registration, Website Design, Web Hosting and eCommerce Company to make it easy for Manufacturers' Reps to get their own business website - all in a One Stop Location!

For a limited time, LA Servers is offering an All-in-One "New Business Special" to Manufacturers' Reps through the EZRep website. Manufacturers' Reps can get their own Domain Name, website (choose from over 200 designs) and a Web Hosting account (with 25 personalized eMail addresses) for a whole year for about the cost of printing Business Cards! Easily update your Website at any time through your Web Hosting Control Panel. Plus, by signing up for a Web Hosting Package, you automatically become an LA Servers Affiliate, which qualifies you for a month's free hosting every time you refer a new Web Hosting client.

If you're interested in getting your own Website/redesigning your current Website but still aren't sure what you need, contact us using the form below.

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