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About EZRep

EZRep was designed by a manufacturers’ rep for use by manufacturers’ reps and was born out of necessity.

Ron and Janet Groves owners of Ronald D. Groves Inc. dba Groves & Siverts a manufacturers’ rep firm based in Phoenix, Arizona designed EZRep. RDGINC had been using various methods of tracking sales and commissions for years. In the early 1990’s an off the shelf software package was purchased. It was fairly expensive and included modules that were not needed for example accounting, inventory and expense tracking. Over the next few years the company that had developed the software went out of business.

At that point RDGINC worked in conjunction with a programmer to build a software package for manufacturers’ reps. The program had to include EZ input of data and provide the necessary sales and commission information for the owner and sales manager. The program had to be affordable.

EZRep was born.

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