EZRep 3 Web - Web based software for Manufacturers Representatives, Sales Reps, Sales Agencies and Manufacturers Reps

EZRep 3 Web - Web based software for Manufacturers Representatives, Sales Reps, Sales Agencies and Manufacturers Reps

EZRep software for Manufacturers' Representatives has been created by an actual Manufacturers' Rep Agency for Sales Agencies and Sales Reps. EZRep is the perfect all-in-one sales, commission and order tracking software program. Many manufacturer's rep agencies have used our EZRep desktop version very successfully and we are now very happy to introduce EZRep 3 Web!

EZRep is very affordable with a one-time cost of $369.00 and an annual subscription (starts on the one year anniversary of the purchase) of $99.00. No matter how big or small your rep firm is one license covers all of your needs.

The GOOD NEWS is that 'There Is NO software'! EZRep Web is the perfect answer for Manufacturers’ Representatives that want to access sales, commission, order and sales representative information while on-the-go. Whether you are a one person sales agency or a multi-person agency you can have access to your information easily from the seat of your car, a hotel room, the office or the customer’s place of business by simply going to The Internet. EZRep Web works with any operating system. TRY IT TODAY FOR FREE!

EZRep 3 Web Features & Benefits:

  • EZRep Access your data using any computer, anywhere in the world
  • EZRep Field Sales Reps have access to data and reports from a remote office, customer place of business or while traveling
  • EZRep Access reports in real time
  • EZRep Administrator sets the level of access for users
  • EZRep Unlimited users at no extra charge
  • EZRep Quick & EZ entry of data
  • EZRep Reconcile commissions, make sure all Invoices have been paid
  • EZRep Aging report to monitor your Accounts Receivable (your commissions due)
  • EZRep No more syncing or emailing files and reports
  • EZRep Sort & create the reports you want and also export to spreadsheet
  • EZRep Data is stored on secure servers and reports can be saved for retrieval
  • EZRep Created by Reps for Reps
  • EZRep Toll free support
  • EZRep All inclusive software package with NO extra modules to buy


  • Order Tracking
  • Order Reporting
  • Create Purchase Orders
  • Aging Report
  • Sales Variance Report

Sales and customer service is what you do best. Have sales data at your fingertips, spend more time in front of customers and less time managing orders, invoices, commissions and customer inquiries with EZRep. The Unpaid Commissions and Aging Report keeps you up to date with your accounts receivables (YOUR COMMISSIONS). EZRep can easily pay for itself by finding one invoice that was inadvertently not paid by a manufacturer.

Most Rep Agencies successfully use accounting/bookeeping programs and customer database management programs. EZRep is designed for the professional Manufacturer's Representative that wants and needs sales, commission and order tracking and reports. EZRep does just that and it is the most affordable and comprehensive Manufacturers' representative software available today.

Try EZRep 3 Web today for FREE! Try EZRep 3 Web for Free!

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